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What you need to know about National Takeout day 2020 in Canada

National Takeout Day 2020 in Canada is April 15 and every Wednesday after that. It seems Canadian #TakeoutDay will be an unofficial holiday that likely needs no explanation during this era of quarantine. 

The national campaign was started by Canada Takeout in an effort to help siphon some dollars to the country's hard-hit food industry and is now being co-signed by celebrities and chefs nationwide.

"We’re encouraging Canadians across the country to order takeout en-masse in a show of support for their favourite local restaurants," says Canada Takeout.

"Restaurants are doing their part by staying open for takeout. Now it’s your turn to take an active part in the support of an industry that employs millions of people in this country." 

As if we needed another excuse to order in, #TakeoutDay suggests that we order meals for pick-up or delivery from their growing list of participating restaurants (or any restaurant, really) every Wednesday, if we can. 

If you're already ordering out most days, just treat tomorrow like any other Wednesday. There are no real perks to ordering on Takeout Day: participating restaurants aren't offering any deals just for the special day. 

The benefit is more for the businesses, who can add themselves to the #TakeoutDay map for free, while increasing visibility. You can use Canada Takeout's Restaurant Finder to browse the restaurants near you. 

Ultimately, it's more about putting your spare dollars toward Canada's suffering food industry and the people they employ.

Restaurants Canada says that the country has lost 800,000 food industry jobs as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and that nearly one in 10 restaurants have already closed nationwide. 

Celebrities and chefs like Toronto's Marc Mcewan, Suzanne Barr, Ivana Raca and Nick Liu are co-signing the new campaign.

They're also encouraging you eat takeout while watching the Great Kitchen Party on Facebook Live, with celebs like Tess Virtue, George Stromboloupoulos, and Ed Robertston from Barenaked Ladies. 

Though an increase in takeout may help to hold some restaurants over in the face of looming rent, it doesn't replace commercial rent relief that only the Canadian government might — or might not — provide. 

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