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Justin Trudeau shouts out restaurant in Canada for helping to feed those in need

One restaurant in Canada is making a difference during the pandemic by transforming into a community kitchen and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking note.

The Canteen in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has turned itself into a temporary community kitchen in an effort to support the local food assistance charities.

It's teamed up with Dartmouth North Community Food Centre and Margaret’s House to prepare 300 to 400 meals per week for distribution to those in need.

"The...crisis has amplified the issue of food insecurity in the community, while simultaneously constraining not-for-profit organizational capacity due to social distancing policies," reads a press release.

"Transitioning to the Community Kitchen model allows The Canteen to quickly leverage their commercial kitchen which is currently sitting idle."

Restaurants across the country have had to close their doors and transition to delivery and take-out as provinces have prohibited dine-in service.

The result has been a steep decrease in revenue for many establishments. It's estimated that 18 per cent of restaurants in Canada will be permanently close by early May.

Earlier today, during this daily press conference, Trudeau specifically mentioned The Canteen as a great example of a restaurant taking steps to aid its local community.

"I heard a great story the other day," Trudeau said. "A restaurant in Nova Scotia, The Canteen, they've turned the restaurant into a community kitchen where people pitch-in and give meals to those in need."

The Canteen says it will also be "partnering with other like minded businesses in the community to find ways to help support this initiative," over the coming weeks.

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