pne mini donuts drive thru

Hundreds of cars lined up for mini donuts at a drive-thru food festival in Canada

Summertime treat season kicked off pandemic-style with a special drive-thru mini donut festival this weekend that proved extremely popular.

The Pacific National Exhibition hosted a mini donut edition of Taste of the PNE dedicated to one of its signature treats that spanned Friday to Sunday and saw cars backed up along Hastings Street in Vancouver.

People used their vehicles to pick up some for the mini donuts from four of the Exhibition's signature vendors, including Tin Lizzy Donuts, Those Little DonutsCinCity Donuts and PNE Fundunkers.

Tickets for the three day drive-thru event were sold ahead of time online while customers could pay using only tap credit or debit cards.

The wait was upwards of 2 hours for the lil' guys before customers drove to a special pickup area where staff brought them their donuts and directed them out of the Playland park site.

The event totally sold out with people grateful to get even a small taste of the Exhibition food that only comes around once a year.

Some where annoyed at the congestion the mini donut enthusiasm created along the main roadway.

It's one of many ways cars are being utilized to adhere to physical distancing measures meant to stop the spread of the virus.

Drive-ins have started making a comeback, and while technically not an 'event', people in Mississauga haven't stopped driving to Krispy Kreme since this whole thing started.

The Toronto Zoo also recently launched its Scenic Safari that lets guests weave through the zoo from the comfort and safety of their cars.

The PNE is currently restructuring to include smaller events that adhere to health and safety protocols set out by health officals.

The mini donut drive-thru is just one of several PNE experiences being launched to support small businesses and fair vendors impacted by the pandemic.

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