Loblaws says stores in Canada will soon start to return to normal but precautions remain

Loblaws stores in Canada will reopen a number of in-store services in the coming weeks as provinces begin to ease restrictions, according to the latest update on Thursday.

The Canadian supermarket chain says that it will slowly reopen supermarket service counters in meat, seafood, and bakery, and it will also begin accepting product returns.

Loblaws stores will also return to regular operating hours after reducing them in March.

Loblaws will also reopen the next-day pick-up at PC Express and reintroduce fees for some of the most popular slots.

The changes will be implemented on a store-by-store basis.

Canadians shouldn't expect a total return to how to was before, however; health measures such as enhanced sanitization, plexiglass shields, and capacity limits will remain in place.

Seniors and healthcare workers will also still have priority access to Loblaws stores for the time being.

Loblaw Chairman Galen Weston said that the changes in operations "reflect the encouraging prospect of our country slowly reopening."

"As the curve continues to flatten across the country, we'll make further changes and share them with you as we go," he said.

"We all remain thoughtful and careful about what we do, and I'm optimistic we can stay on this positive trajectory so that things will open up more and more."

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Hector Vasquez

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