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This is how McDonald's is planning to start opening back up in Canada

Though drive-thru and delivery business is still booming for many McDonald's locations in Canada, the world's second-biggest fast-food chain is looking at how it can slowly start to relaunch its usual operations.

To start, Micky Dee's is going to be testing out the reintroduction of takeout service with new health and safety measures at 30 Canadian locations, a list of which has yet to be released (though it seems one will be in Ottawa).

Depending on how things go, the strategy will then be expanded to all restaurants nationwide.

mcdonalds canada

Plexiglass shields will be installed around cash registers, among other new measures. CNW Group/McDonald's Canada

Customers in select cities will now be able to go into their local Macca's (as it is lovingly called in Australia) and order at the counter like in the good ol' pre-pandemic days, though there will be some new precautions in place.

These include contact-free ordering, social distancing directives and floor markers, the designation of doors as either entrances or exits only, plexiglass screens around cash registers, personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves for all workers and more.

Condiment stations will also remain closed, as will dining room seating areas and PlayPlaces (obviously), and there will be a limit on the number of guests allowed inside a location at one time.

Also, every other cash register will be deemed out-of-service for proper physical spacing between staff.

McDonald's Canada's president and CEO stated in a press release that the rollout of the in-person takeout option will be done very gradually and cautiously, saying the company "will purposely ensure [its] transition back to takeout service happens at the right time in the right way" based on the advice of local health authorities.

He added that the chain is "committed to providing Canadians with a safe environment and trusted source of quick and affordable meals" — something it certainly has been during this trying time, despite the fact that the quick and affordable meals sadly no longer come at 2 a.m. after a night out at the bar.

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