Mmmuffins only has one remaining location in Canada after latest store closure

Mmmuffins, the beloved bakery chain that was once ubiquitous in shopping mall food courts nationwide, is now just a shadow of its former self after permanently shuttering its second-last location.

The Canadian brand that many of us may recall fondly from our youth officially closed the doors of its Toronto location in the Financial District's Scotia Plaza in April, a representative of the store's parent company MTY Group confirmed to blogTO.

This leaves only one Mmmuffins in all of Canada (and the world), in a shopping centre in the Montreal suburb of Cote St. Luc, Quebec.

Started in Toronto in 1979 as Marvellous Muffins, the retailer at one point had more than 130 locations across what seemed like nearly every transit hub and mall in the country, and was known for its fresh and unusually large muffins that came in more than 100 varieties, such as hard-to-come-by cornmeal, unique pina colada, classic chocolate chip and bran (without raisins — a rarity).

It also sold other baked goods like bagels, Rice Krispies squares and Danish pastries, as well as coffee in many different flavours.

The storefronts were a staple in the '80s and '90s when portable breakfasts became popular, but then fell out of fashion as low-fat and low-carb diet trends caught on — and after it was sold by its original owners.

"I observed that Marvellous Muffins stopped innovating," Mmmuffins co-founder Michael Bregman told the Star last year. "I don’t know what they could have done, but they couldn’t stay still as other brands evolved."

The retailer, which has been notably absent from social media platforms, has seemed to slowly disappear without much notice. (As someone who adored the treats as a kid, this writer personally had no idea that up until recently, there were only two of the outlets left standing.)

And though MTY Group is still offering franchising opportunities (and the famous baked goods have been spotted at sister company Timothy's World Coffee locations over the years), it seems that most people have lost their enthusiasm for — if not completely forgotten — the Mmmuffins brand, which has switched hands numerous times since its initial sale in the 1990s.

While the current health crisis has been a blow to many businesses, it was not a factor in the closure of Mmmuffins's Toronto shop, despite the timing.

"The Mmmuffins closure has nothing to do with the pandemic at all," the assistant property manager for Scotia Plaza says. "In fact, we have been in negotiations with their management team for the better part of a year to arrive at an amicable deal, which reflects the great relationship we've shared over the years."

This news means that sadly for fans of both delicious muffins and '80s-'90s Canadiana, Mmmuffins has become just one more thing to be nostalgic for.

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