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The newest restaurant in Canada is totally vegan and only for squirrels

Canada has a brand new spot for Instagram-worthy cakes, avocado toast and kiwi bowls, but foodies hoping to grab a bite from this new joint may be a little disappointed by the portion sizes. 

The dimensions of the tables might also prove to be discouraging for human diners — and that's because this restaurant was built specifically for squirrels. 

That's right, SQRL Restaurant + Bar is a new trendy spot serving aesthetically pleasing vegan eats to the squirrels of Winnipeg, and it was created by the host of KISS 102.3's morning show, Karly Troschuk.

Troschuk has been documenting her journey as the founder of the unconventional squirrel restaurant online, and her adorably tiny tables, menus and meals have become an instant hit on social media. 

She told the Winnipeg Free Press that she was inspired to start the project when she came across a photo of a squirrel eating at a miniature picnic table that went viral in March. She also said she's always had an affinity for miniature things, and the fact that her dad is an experienced handyman helped too (he makes the tables). 

At her request, Troschuk's father built her two tiny, squirrel-sized picnic tables and she ran with it. 

Troschuk opened SQRL at the end of April and created an additional bar section with stools soon after (she even held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening).

She's posted countless photos online of squirrels adorably munching on the food, and it's no wonder: The meals are so appetizing that I imagine any human being would be happy to try a bite or two as well.

So far, she's hosted a Mother's Day brunch, a #MayThe4thBeWithYou celebration and even a miniature Third + Bird market with tiny products made by local artists and vendors.

Now she's taking the venture to the next step and "franchising" by selling the mini picnic tables and donating some of the proceeds to Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation, an organization that helps injured, sick and orphaned wildlife (including squirrels, because duh).

So if starting a legitimate restaurant for rodents in your backyard has ever crossed your mind but you've held back for fear of being called "ridiculous" or "silly," the story of Troschuk's success should serve as a reminder that literally anything goes in a pandemic.

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