vancouver restaurants open for dine in

Here's what restaurants are like in Vancouver now they've reopened for dine-in service

Vancouver is now in its second phase of reopening as of Tuesday, meaning a bunch of restaurants have reopened for dine-in service.

While many restaurants are choosing to wait another month, those that opted to open their doors yesterday did so under strict new safety measures

WorkSafeBC's new dine-in guidelines include a number of big changes to normal operations, including limiting restaurant capacity to no more than 50 per cent of their usual number of patrons. 

Tables are restricted to a max number of six guests, with two-metre seating distances between patrons from separate parties. 

Also, one person from every party is required to leave their contact info with the restaurant they're attending, in case health officials need to conduct contact tracing. 

There's a lot more self-serve happening, too, like having guests pour their own water or pack their own food into takeout containers for takeaway. 

Aside from sanitizing surfaces regularly or requiring staff to wear masks, restaurants must come up with their own ways to workaround things like tight spaces and multiple-touch items like menus. 

Earls Restaurants which reopened its B.C. locations Tuesday, says it has adopted one-touch menus that are recycled right after they're used. 

Meanwhile Joey's patios are back open, with dining inside restaurants launching Thursday. They made a little video for Instagram that explains their new safety measures pretty nicely, including masked and gloved staff, physical distancing signs, and contactless payments. 

BRGR BRGR's location in Abbotsford says that it's installed sanitation stations, and set up hygiene barriers.

The Barnaby Heights BBQ spot Butchers Block says its capacity has been reduced and its ready to go. 

At Shameful Tiki, beverage containers are now disposable and single-use. Reservations of up to five people can be made online, but rezos of six need to be phoned in. 

Evidently the Score On Davie is making sure that all of their staff are sporting masks. They say all customers will be greeted with a rundown of new safety measures, just to make sure everyone's clear.

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