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A bakery in Canada is giving away solidarity bread to people in need

Like the rest of Canada, a pair of bakers in Squamish, B.C. are making tons of sourdough bread during the pandemic — but they're also giving it away to people in need through their community initiative Solidarity Bread.

Bakers Raoul Tillieux and Michal Marcis launched the sourdough bread delivery service to help Canadians get access to quality food during the pandemic.

"Due to the pandemic, many people face loss of income and, with that, an increase in food insecurity," their website says. "We want to support them."

With every order, Solidarity Bread gifts a loaf of fresh sourdough bread to the Squamish Food Bank or the Helping Hands Society.

Operating out of Howe Sound Brewing, the pair make around 180 sourdough loaves each week, with flavours ranging from white sesame to roasted garlic.

For Marcis, baking sourdough bread is particularly meaningful.

"I'm from Slovakia, where every visitor is welcomed by sourdough bread and a pinch of salt," Marcis told filmmaker Ben Grayzel. "It gives a big meaning to me. The bread is symbolism of warmth, and also of life."

Marcis says that there is a "much higher demand" for food at the Squamish Food Bank since the beginning of the crisis, with demand doubling or even tripling.

"There are some people who can afford to pay for the extra loaf, and there are some who can't afford to get any," he says. "We want to give a tool to people to show their solidarity."

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