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Supermarkets in Canada should let you tip frontline staff at grocery checkout

At a time when most of the country is shut down, grocery store employees continue to go to work so we can all continue to have access to essential items such as food and toiletries.

And Canadians have been showing their appreciation across social media for their efforts.

In fact, many have expressed a desire to tip grocery store cashiers during this time due to the extra challenges and safety factors that are involved in continuing to work during a pandemic.

Those working the front registers at grocery stores are coming in contact with hundreds of customers each and every day – and in doing so, brave the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

Even though many grocery chains have offered hourly wage increases for their workers, people still want to show their thanks to these unsung heroes. 

Like most grocery stores in Canada, Longo’s locations don't currently have tip jars and are encouraging cashless transactions in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

However, Delia Loveless, public relations manager of Longo’s, says the grocery chain isn’t against their employees accepting other types of gifts and acts of generosity from shoppers.

“In the instance where a gift card, meal or coffee has been purchased, we'll allow them to accept this gesture.”

“At this time, we have been overwhelmed with the community’s effort to say thank you to our team members, who continue to provide essential services each day,” said Loveless.

Though tipping at Canadian grocery stores may or may not be accepted, showing your gratitude in other ways such as a small gift or a verbal appreciation for their work can go a long way. 

So whether or not you can offer them a tip, remember to say "Thank you" to a frontline worker today. 

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