tim hortons mothers day kit

Tim Hortons is offering DIY Mother's Day donut kits across Canada

If you're still struggling to figure out what present to get the woman who gave you life this upcoming Mother's Day, why not give her the delicious gift of sugar?

Tim Hortons announced today that they're now offering DIY Mother's Day donut kits at participating restaurants across Canada. It's an activity and a dessert all wrapped into one!

"Tim Hortons wanted to provide a fun and creative activity that you and your loved ones can enjoy this Mother’s Day weekend by re-creating delicious Dream Donuts," said a spokesperson from the company.

"The DIY donuts can be made with your family at home or even over a group video chat!"

tim hortons mothers day kitThe kits come with all the ingredients needed to recreate Tim Hortons' newly released Dream Donuts, including six donuts, one container of chocolate buttercream icing, one container of sweet vanilla buttercream icing, one container of colourful confetti sprinkles and one container of chocolate chips. 

The kits are being sold at participating restaurants for $9.99 (though prices may vary) through May 12.

So while the Dream Donuts sold in-store don't always look like the aesthetically pleasing, Insta-worthy desserts Tim Hortons has advertised, this kit will give you a chance to create your own versions of the treats alongside the woman you love most.

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Andie Arsenault

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