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Two employees took a knee when serving a police officer at an Arby's in Canada

A few days after a Georgia police officer went viral for crying over a delayed McDonald's breakfast order — which she felt meant that employees were tampering with her food in the spirit of a renewed hatred toward law enforcement — a similar incident has taken place at a fast food restaurant in Canada.

Two employees at an Arby's in Windsor, Ontario were accused of refusing service to an on-duty cop due to their feelings about the numerous deaths of people of colour at the hands of authorities and the recent protests against the use of excessive force in policing.

A social media post from a fellow officer about the alleged interaction, which took place on Friday, said that the cop in question "was denied his food" at the Arby's location on Tecumseh Road East, as the employees completing his order took a knee and "refused to serve him."

The user stated that the manager "apologized and said he didn't know what to do" before offering a refund to the officer. The account was apparently given to him directly from the officer involved.

People took particular issue with the fact that the cop who made the post ended it with "I hope you never need help," insinuating that he would not help those who take a stance against police brutality in the future.

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A social media post about the alleged incident, shared by a fellow Windsor police officer. Image via Facebook.

Local police said on Twitter the following day that they were "aware of a recent social media post involving how an on-duty officer was received at a local drive-thru business," stating that they were looking into the incident.

A subsequent Facebook post by the restaurant in question, though, indicates that the claims were not completely accurate.

"We take these allegations seriously, and after a thorough investigation, we have determined that the reports of a police officer being refused service at our location in Windsor, ON, are untrue," the post from Arby's Windsor-Leamington reads.

"We can confirm that the officer’s meal was prepared and delivered, and when the manager was handing the officer his food, two employees decided to take a knee. When the officer noticed the two employees taking a knee, he declined to accept his meal and was given a refund. We remain in continuous contact with the local police department related to this matter."

A new statement from the Windsor Police Service also corroborates this version of events, calling the story originally posted by the fellow officer an "inaccurate detailing of events."

"The Windsor Police Service did not authorize nor do we support the message posted by the off-duty officer," the statement, issued on Monday, reads.

It continues to state how the officer being served did in fact cancel his own order and ask for a refund after seeing the kneeling employees, adding that "the Windsor Police Service respects lawful and peaceful demonstrations... We support our officers who work hard to serve the community. We also support members of the community who want to exercise their right to protest and otherwise express themselves."

Social media users have dug up some dirt on the officer who made the original post, Tim Kettlewell, who allegedly has a history of dramatizing incidents of anti-police sentiments, along with some other questionable behaviour.

Needless to say, tensions continue to remain high between police and members of the public around the world, so these McMuffin and Arby's cop stories likely won't be the last as citizens await substantial police reform or defunding.

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