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Loblaws ends pandemic pay for frontline workers in Canada and people aren't impressed

After months of working tirelessly to provide an essential service throughout the pandemic, Canadians have never been more appreciative and thankful for our grocery store workers. 

That's probably why people have been reacting furiously since Loblaws announced plans to end the $2 p/hr extra hazard pay, which their front line staff have been receiving.

Staff at the grocery chain were informed of the decision on Wednesday, June 10, and online opinion since then has been pretty scathing. 

The angered reaction could be partly down to the fact that Loblaw Companies Ltd. (which owns the Loblaws grocery stores, No Frills and Shoppers Drug Mart) reported first quarter profits of $240 million compared to $198 million in the same quarter last year.

In a note to employees, Loblaw Companies Ltd. president Sarah Davis explained that "with economies reopening," the business feels that it is the right time to "transition out of our temporary pay premium."

David continued: “I’ve said it again and again ... but it’s worth repeating: I’m extremely proud of all the work our front-line people in stores (did) to help Canadians get through the early and complicated phase of the pandemic."

Instead, the company will be offering a a one-time bonus for workers who’ve been collecting the premium.

"It will work out to approximately two weeks’ worth of the premium per worker," Davis added. 

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