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People in Canada are cancelling Wendy's over ties to Donald Trump

The people of Twitter have some serious (square) beef with Wendy's today after learning about a major franchise operator for the fast food giant donating more than $440,000 US Donald Trump's re-election campaign.

As first reported by Business Insider back in May, the U.S. President has received multiple hefty sums from Muy! Companies CEO James Bodenstedt since 2018.

Bodenstedt is not directly employed by Wendy's, but his company does franchise hundreds of Wendy's, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell locations across the U.S.

For whatever reason, some two weeks after news of his financial links to Trump were publicized, Twitter users started circulating news of Bodenstedt's association with Wendy's, specifically.

The hashtag "#WendysIsOverParty" was trending in both Canada and the U.S. early Tuesday afternoon as people all over the world pledged never to eat at Wendy's again due to Bodenstedt's campaign donations.

Not even the allure of what is widely-believed to be Canada's best-available spicy chicken sandwich can overpower the country's general distaste (if not outright hatred) for Trump.

Wendy's has not publicly responded to the uproar, but some are sticking up for the chain to note that Bodenstedt isn't its CEO.

Others are pointing out that the company's actual CEO isn't any better.

Many more are simply boycotting Wendy's (among other brands) in an attempt to ensure their hard-earned money somehow doesn't end up in Trump's pocket.

"Your CEO donated $440,000 to Trump's campaign," wrote one Twitter user to the main Twitter accounts of Wendy's, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

"As a Canadian whose country gets the fallout of the US, I officially am boycotting all of your brands. I urge anyone who stands against Trump to do the same thing."

"Confirmed," wrote another. "I live in Canada and won't ever eat at Wendy's again. Deplorable."

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