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Tim Hortons launches Hero Cups to celebrate thousands of frontline workers

Tim Hortons is launching "Hero Cups," but you won't see any of the Avengers on the front; instead, the limited-edition cups will celebrate the hard-working Canadians that have fought on the frontlines throughout the pandemic.

Starting today, Tim Hortons will allow Canadians to nominate essential workers and frontline heroes that they want to thank for their contribution.

Healthcare workers, first responders, truck drivers, retail staff, government workers, public transit staff, and anyone else who has worked to keep Canada up and running is fair game.

The Hero Cup has the company's signature red background, but the Tim Hortons logo will be replaced with large "Thank You" and "Merci" messages.

The names and professions of 100 frontline workers will wrap around the cup.

Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer of Tim Hortons, said the Hero Cups provide "another opportunity to showcase some special people."

"Frontline workers have been the backbone of our communities during these extremely difficult times. Like all Canadians, we want to ensure that we continue to show our gratitude and appreciation by shining a spotlight on them," Bagozzi said in a release.

Tim Hortons says over 100 versions of the cup will be printed and distributed across Canada by this summer.

Nominations will be open until June 24. Nominees will be contacted and asked to provide their consent before being considered for the inclusion of their name on a Tim Hortons Hero Cup.

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