aluminum can shortage

Canada is facing an aluminum can shortage and White Claws could be threatened

Bad news, Canada; our country is facing an aluminum can shortage, which means that popping into your local liquor store for a White Claw, Mike's Hard Lemonade or beer might prove more difficult in the coming months.

The culprit?

The ongoing pandemic, of course.

Canadians have been spending more time at home since March, which means that more people are buying tinned beers and drinks instead of grabbing a pint at their local watering hole.

In other words, the demand for aluminum cans is outstripping the available supply.

And it's not just Canadians; Americans are facing a nationwide aluminum can shortage, too.

And since a good chunk of our aluminum cans actually come from south of the border (the U.S. ships about two billion aluminum cans into the country each year), Canada could be facing a shortage for a while as American manufacturers move to prioritize U.S. stores.

Canada probably isn't seeing the worst of the shortage yet since it's a trickle-down effect, but some store owners are already reporting bare shelves where popular canned drinks would normally be.

Rajbir Bhatti, associate professor of business and supply chain management at Mount Royal University's Bissett School of Business, told CTV News that Canadians can probably expect shortages to last through the summer and into October.

Sorry, folks; unless White Claw begins to package their drinks in plastic bottles, some of us may have to go Claw-free this summer.

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