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Montreal restaurant Joe Beef loses it on city officials over plan to help businesses

The owner of one of Canada's most famous restaurants took on the Mayor of Montreal on Twitter this week and won. 

David McMillan, who has been running Joe Beef since 2005, was upset about the city's temporary COVID-19 reconfiguration plan for Notre-Dame Street West, along which his restaurant is located.

As the country slowly begins to reopen, we've seen several cities introduce temporary measures aimed at boosting local businesses that have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

But, while creating space for outdoor cafes, bike paths and pedestrian walkways sounds like a logical idea, McMillan says the proposed eight-week plan has actually had the opposite effect, driving away customer traffic.

He took his beef to Twitter Thursday to air out his grievances. 

McMillan went on to further slam the city's COVID business relief measures by calling them an act of "cavalier activism" and saying that they are "destroying small businesses" and "putting  people's jobs in peril."

Other members of the city's small business community also chimed-in in agreeance with McMillan.

At the same time Thursday, Mayor Valerie Plante reportedly gave a press conference declaring the initiative a success for Montreal's small business owners.

By Friday morning, the city had repealed its stance saying, "it seems this development (plan) is not one preferred by local merchants," and announcing the project had officially been pulled off the table.

McMillan, who was naturally pleased with the outcome, tweeted his thanks to all who voiced their support.

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Montreal restaurant Joe Beef loses it on city officials over plan to help businesses

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