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Kraft just launched a new hazelnut spread in Canada

Calling all Nutella lovers; Kraft Peanut Butter just launched a new hazelnut spread in Canada, so grab a piece of toast (or maybe just a spoon) because who doesn't love dessert for breakfast?

The Canadian branch of the Kraft Heinz empire describes their new spread as a "delicious, rich and chocolatey spread" made with real roasted hazelnuts.

The spread is also completely free of palm oil.

The main ingredients in the new spread include sugar, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, cocoa, whey powder and skim milk powder (so sadly not for you, vegans).

"Kraft Peanut Butter has been in Canadian homes for over 60 years, helping families stick together through meals and snacking occasions," said Daniel Gotlib, Associate Director, Brand Building & Innovation, Kraft Heinz Canada, in a press release

"We're excited to expand into the broader nut-based spread category with Kraft Hazelnut Spread."

The marketing of the new product is actually pretty clever from Kraft, considering that Nutella has come under fire in the past for using palm oil in their spread, which contributes to deforestation.

Will Kraft's new spread taste better than Nutella? The jury's still out. Kraft is so sure of their product, however, that they're inviting Canadians to share their live taste-test videos to social media and tag the company.

Now that's confidence.

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