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A popular plant-based egg will soon be available in Canada

Talk about some eggs-cellent news; JUST Egg is officially launching in Canada soon, so if you're a vegan that's been dreaming about finding a good plant-based alternative, then get excited.

The fluffy, foldable egg is made from mung bean, and it packs an impressive seven grams of protein per serving.

JUST Egg will be rolled out sometime this autumn, and Canadians can grab a box of four in the frozen aisle at Whole Foods Market in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Ottawa.

The plant-based egg will also be available at more than 100 Walmart stores coast-to-coast, per the press release.

According to the company website, all you have to do is pop the frozen plant-based egg in the toaster on high heat for six-and-a-half minutes and voilà — breakfast is served.

JUST Egg has already made a splash in the U.S., with sales skyrocketing in April. The egg even overtook waffles to become the number one natural frozen breakfast entrée.

"I'm so proud to announce this milestone in Canada," said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO, in the release.

"We're working hard to make our products available in as many places as possible and launching in Canada, where demand for plant-based proteins is strong and growing, brings us one step closer to that goal."

The company is also working with regulators to bring the original pourable plant-based egg to Canada.

The company says that JUST Egg is free of cholesterol, dairy, artificial flavours and — obviously — any eggs.

And the options for the plant-based egg are endless: you can have it on top of toast, or you can put it in a breakfast croissant. Heck, you can even chop it up with some fruit and pancakes to form a breakfast kabob.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently pledging to invest $100 million into Canada's plant-based industry, it seems the demand for meat alternatives is only growing.

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