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Starbucks will soon offer oat milk at locations across Canada

Starbucks Canada will officially offer oat milk at all locations across the country this autumn, so get excited for a delicious, non-dairy treat coming your way.

The coffee giant says that customers can expect "velvety foam" in their oat-based drink, and the oat beverage will be made without preservatives, artificial flavours or colour.

All of the oats will also be sourced from Canada.

This won't be the first plant-based milk that Starbucks Canada has launched; in 2004, the coffee giant introduced a soy beverage to its menu, eventually adding almond milk and coconut milk as well.

Starbucks Canada also introduced a plant-friendly Beyond Meat, Cheddar & Egg sandwich to its core menu in March.

Oat milk sales have skyrocketed across Canada recently; last year alone, oat beverage sales spiked by a staggering 244 per cent nationwide, according to the CBC.

As oat milk-lovers can attest, the rich, creamy taste and mild flavour of oat milk works well in lattes, prompting many companies to offer "barista editions" of their oat beverages.

Starbucks already offers oat milk in several other countries, including the United States and some parts of Europe.

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Starbucks will soon offer oat milk at locations across Canada

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