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This Canadian's reaction to an American chef making poutine is so relatable

Ah, poutine: one of Canada's greatest inventions alongside peanut butter, insulin and Ryan Reynolds. Americans may have the hamburger and apple pie, but our greasy fry dish is a national institution.

When it comes to making good poutine, Canadians know exactly what should be involved: rectangular fries, thick gravy and a generous helping of white cheese curds.

Recently, Seattle chef Matt Broussard decided to elevate the classic Canadian recipe, making a creamy, delicious potato dish that looks absolutely nothing like poutine — and prompting a hilarious reaction from a Quebec teen on TikTok.

You don't need to speak French to understand the point that Hugo Vézina is trying to get across.

"Why are you adding onions?" Vézina demands in French. "You should use onion powder, or you'll have to run those through a blender."

He adds, "If you don't blend those, I'll kill you."

When Broussard starts on the sauce, Vézina's horror increases. He exclaims over the use of béchamel (which is supposed to be gravy) and then swears as Broussard begins to cube the fries.

"That's your cheese?" he demands near the end.

Naturally, Canadians across the country couldn't resist chiming in and expressing how relatable the video is.

"As a Canadian, that is not poutine," one person wrote. "Fries, gravy, cheese, those are the three required ingredients!"

"God I haven't had to use my French in like two decades but I still felt his pain," another person wrote.

"Other than both having potatoes how — in the name of all things holy — is that in any way shape or form a poutine?" yet another person added. "That's a travesty, is what it is. Probably delicious, but call it anything else."

Considering that chef Matt Broussard has been included in food magazine Zagat's 30 under 30 list, it's safe to say that his potato dish is probably delicious — but it definitely isn't poutine.

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