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Tim Hortons is giving away free donuts to Americans who cancelled a trip to Canada

Tim Hortons is consoling Americans that can't take their scheduled trips to Canada this summer in the tastiest way possible: with free coffee and donuts.

The coffee giant is offering U.S. citizens that can't make the journey north because of the ongoing border closure a little taste of Canada, effective now through Aug. 31.

Eligible Americans can claim a free medium, hot or iced coffee and a donut through the Tim Hortons app.

The Hamilton-born company took to Twitter on Thursday to share the news alongside a picture of a very Canadian postcard that reads, "Don't worry, the moose will be there next year."

Tim Hortons says that it hopes to bring some cheerful Canadian spirit to Americans that had to cancel their trips.

"Tim Hortons owners want to bring a little bit of Canada to our guests who weren't able to make their trip North this summer," said Ricardo Azevedo, Regional President of Tim Hortons U.S., in a press release.

"It's our way to share a small taste of our Canadian heritage."

U.S. citizens have to submit their trip cancellation story to the Tim Hortons email address to qualify, which presumably will be filled with long laments about missing out on poutine, Canadian chocolate bars, and hiking in Banff (sorry, Americans; we feel for you).

Canadians might have a rep for apologizing a lot, but you have to hand it to Tim Hortons — they certainly know the best way to say sorry.

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