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How the Deep'n Delicious cake became a cult favourite in Canada

The Deep'n Delicious cake from McCain is part of the Canadian identity. The rich, chocolate sheet cake topped with sweet icing has been around since the 1970s, becoming a staple in most households.

Some Canadians eat the Deep'n Delicious cake straight out of the freezer. More patient people wait the recommended 30 minutes for the dessert to thaw.

Whatever your method, Canada seems united in one thing: unconditional love for the Deep'n Delicious cake.

So how did the iconic cake come to be?

Well, it was actually an accident, according to McCain's Canada.

Yes, you read that correctly — the Deep'n Delicious cake was actually a very happy mistake.

"Legend has it the original Deep'n Delicious recipe was developed by accident by a food technologist at McCain," says Bryan McCourt, vice president of marketing at McCain Foods Canada.

"The exact details on who it was are unknown but we're sure that most Canadians are thankful to them for the delicious discovery."

Since its inception, the Deep n' Delicious cake has taken on cult status in Canada, selling an average of six million units across the country each year.

And the cake certainly has garnered some die-hard fans.

Canadians have named trivia teams after the cake. People have painstakingly crafted copycat recipes, and one Canadian even wrote a poem about the cake.

"Deep'n Delicious chocolate cake is Canada's best trash food," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Come at me."

"FACT: Every Canadian has eaten an entire McCain's Deep 'n' Delicious cake in one sitting, in the dark, while listening to Alanis at some point in their life," another fan wrote.

To say that plenty of Canadians are passionate about the cake is an understatement.

The cake currently comes in six flavours: the original chocolate, vanilla, vanilla-coconut, cookies & cream, marble cake and carrot cake.

But there are plans to change that.

"To keep Deep'n Delicious cakes iconic status we know it's important to keep innovating," McCourt said. "[We're] planning a few more new flavours and formats that we hope will become fan favourites."

Details on the new additions are still being kept under wraps, but Deep'n Delicious enthusiasts can look forward to welcoming some new flavours into their freezers soon.

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McCain Foods Canada

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