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P.E.I. just launched a pay-what-you-can healthy food program for students

PEI is making sure students returning to school in the fall have the best possible lunches. 

On Monday, the province's premier, Dennis King, announced a new food program that will provide kids with"5-star food" produced on the island, making for a healthy and affordable lunch that will be gluten-free, diary-free, and nut-free with vegetarian options.

According to the program's website, families will have three payment options: paying the full amount of the lunch up to $5, paying only the amount they are able to afford, or, if they are unable to pay at all, that's okay too. 

On top of this, the meals will be prepared and delivered directly to the schools at lunch time by a local food service provider, meaning there is no pickup hassle for parents. All they have to do is pre-order the meals online every other week. 

While the program was only recently announced, it has already received praise from PEI residents as well as others others across the country. 

"Why can't we do this in Ontario?" someone asked.

"It's a very solid program, one that should be replicated," another Twitter user wrote

Some have even pointed out how beneficial the program will be not only for students and parents, but also for local farmers

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