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Andrew Scheer says he won't resign even though many think he should

Andrew Scheer announced that he will remain the leader of the Conservative Party a day after losing the election to Justin Trudeau's Liberals

"I am staying on as the leader of the party," said Scheer at a press conference in Regina. "This was the first step in the process to replace Justin Trudeau's government."

Scheer's Conservatives won 121 seats this election, earning 22 more than they did in 2015. However, the result was a disappointment for Scheer, who predicted a Conservative majority.

Scheer repeatedly stated that the Conservatives did win the popular vote with 34.4 per cent, which materially means as much as it did for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US election. 

Scheer also addressed the anger of many in Western Canada, a region that overwhelmingly voted for the Tories. A seething separatist sentiment emerged on social media last night, with people in Alberta and Saskatchewan calling for their provinces to secede from Canada.  

"We will fight for you," Scheer said when asked about the so-called Wexit movement. He added that the Liberals need to stop "attacking the energy sector."

During the campaign, Scheer called out Trudeau for various scandals, including his handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair and multiple photos of the Prime Minister in blackface. For these reasons and others, Scheer said Trudeau did not deserve to be Prime Minister. 

Scheer was asked how he did not unseat a scandal-ridden Trudeau, but did not directly address the question. He said that pundits had predicted multiple consecutive majorities for the Liberals in 2015, and yesterday's result proved that they are getting closer to taking the Liberals down.

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