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B.C. rejoices after province says it has had enough of daylight saving time

The end of daylight saving time has arrived in Canada once again, and that means the annual debate about whether there's actually any point in changing the clocks twice a year is back. 

But while most of the provinces argue and complain, it seems one province is doing what many Canadians wish their provincial governments would. 

British Columbia announced yesterday that Premier John Horgan would introduce legislation today to allow the province to stay in daylight saving time (DST) permanently and eliminate seasonal time changes. 

Unfortunately, the changes won't be in effect in time for the time change this weekend, but this could easily be the last time B.C. "falls back." The new time zone would officially be called Pacific Time. 

Though this is a major change, it didn't come from nowhere. 

Last year, B.C. conducted a public survey about seasonal time changes. The results found that 93 per cent of respondents (more than 223,000 people) were in favour of eliminating seasonal time changes and sticking to DST.

The only catch is that the Pacific jurisdictions and B.C.'s American trading partners have yet to make this change, and Horgan has said he'll only actually implement the changes if they do the same.

Still, for the most part, British Columbians are thrilled by this legislative change. 

Many are saying the old-school reasons for changing the clock no longer apply, so it's about time we made this switch. 

While others are saying they hope the rest of the country follows suit. 

Some are slightly concerned about the effects of this change.

But for the most part, it seems British Columbians are hopeful they'll no longer have to switch their clocks twice a year.

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Lee Robson

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