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Everybody in Canada is still in love with Jagmeet Singh's hot wife

Four years ago, all eyes were on Sophie Grégoire Trudeau — the stylish wife of Canada's sexy new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau may have been re-elected on Monday night when Canadians took to the polls for their 2019 vote, but it's not his family that people are focusing on anymore.

Rather, it's the partner of a candidate who won only 24 seats that people are stanning this week: Jagmeet Singh's wife, Gurkiran Kaur.

Far from just a political spouse, Kaur describes herself as an entrepreneur, humanitarian and founder of the new age Punjabi clothing line Jangiiro.

As Singh's popularity surged in the weeks ahead of this year's federal election (what with his Rihanna follow, Tik Tok vids and excellent debate showing,) so too did interest in Kaur.

Many who saw her for the first time this election cycle remarked on the designer's great beauty.

"The real winner of tonight's election is Jagmeet Singh who gets to go home to that rocket of a wife," wrote one voter in the early morning hours of October 22.

"Update: I am a fan girl of Jagmeet Singh AND his wife, Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu," wrote another.

"Their enthusiasm and energy makes me happy for Canada. She's so lovely and genuinely happy. I want to see more of this team in Canadian politics."

It's not just Kaur's looks that people are loving — its the way she and her husband behave together — at rallies, events and especially on Instagram.

Singh and Kaur are, as the basics would say, #couplegoals.

The duo regularly appear in each others' photos, smiling, laughing and looking lovingly at each other. They're also known to wear matching outfits on the regular.

Singh actually admitted to the CBC in September that Kaur now picks out his turbans for him "because she loves me to match her outfits. That's her thing."

The couple, who got married in Mexico last February, seems very well-liked by the online masses — which is a good thing for Singh.

He may not have won the 2019 federal election, but he maintains his role as the leader of the federal NDP party. Who knows what will happen next time around?

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