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There was no foreign interference in Canada's election because of course not

Russian and Chinese operatives have no interest in swaying the Canadian vote, it seems — unless they're just really, really good at hiding it.

The federal government's Privy Council Office has confirmed that "did not observe any activity" that would count as foreign interference in Canada's democratic process during Monday's federal election.

This, despite issuing a whole host of grave warnings about potential cyber threats over the past year.

"As we approach the next federal election, Canada may face threats to our elections and democratic institutions," reads a government website last updated October 21.

"Here, you will find Canada’s plan to defend Canadian democracy and further strengthen our electoral systems against cyber-enabled and other threats."

The site outlines a plan announced in January by Canada's Ministers of Democratic Institutions, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, and National Defence.

"Foreign interference poses a growing threat to Canada's democratic institutions," reads a portion of the plan."New technologies and advances in how we consume information may potentially allow adversaries to use cyber-enabled means to influence Canada's democratic processes."

"We are working across government to safeguard Canadians' trust in the Government’s capacity to protect Canadian democratic institutions," the site continues.

"This work includes combating foreign interference, enhancing citizen preparedness, improving organizational readiness and expecting social media and digital platforms to act."

Whatever Canada's digital defence squad did, it appears to have worked. Either that, or nobody tried to interfere in the Canadian election.

And no, contrary to what some people are alleging, Obama's endorsement of Justin Trudeau for Prime Minister on Twitter doesn't count as a threat to Canadian democracy. 

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Adam Scotti

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