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Quebec to make immigrants take values test but nobody knows what it means

Anyone hoping to immigrate to Quebec anytime soon might have a more difficult time going forward, as the province will soon require newcomers to pass a "values" test

As of January 1, new immigrants will have to pass a test based on "democratic values and Quebec values," according to the government's announcement in the official Gazette this morning. 

The test will be required in order to receive a selection certificate, which is the first step toward permanent residency.

But despite the announcement of the new test — and the fact that Premier François Legault decided to administer the test during the selection process (Quebec's jurisdiction) which allowed him to bypass Ottawa — it's still pretty unclear what concrete questions will be asked on the test and what exactly qualifies as Quebec values. 

All we know at this point is that the values included on the test will be those associated with Quebec's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Anyone who takes the test will be required to obtain a mark of 75 per cent or higher in order to pass. Anyone who fails can take the test a second time, and those who fail twice can either try again or take a course. 

That's about the extent of what we know of this test so far, but it seems many have outstanding questions. 

The main question appears to be about what exactly Quebec values are.

While others are wondering whether this will apply to Canadians from other provinces who wish to move to Quebec too. 

Some are speculating on what the exact values might be, while also pointing out some of the issues in Quebec at the moment.

And others are just plain angry about the announcement.

But despite the questions and the outrage, no one is really that surprised by this move from Quebec considering it was overtly promised by the CAQ as well as the Bloc Quebecois during the election.

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