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Shoppers Drug Mart is testing out in-store dental clinics

First Botox, now braces?

Shoppers Drug Mart is making big moves in its attempt to capture more of the beauty and wellness services market, as evidenced by a new pilot program which brings cosmetic dentistry in-house. 

The Loblaws-owned retailer just announced a partnership with the massively popular U.S. "teledentistry" chain SmileDirectClub — a teeth-straightening firm that sells clear, customized mouthpieces, similar to Invisalign.

Two of the Tennessee-based brand's "SmileShop" clinics are now open within Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Ontario: One in Etobicoke's East Mall and the other at Kingspoint Plaza in Brampton.

The partnership makes Shoppers the first pharmacy in Canada to offer SmileDirectClub clinics, and marks a further foray into the cosmetic services industry for the Canadian retail giant.

Late last year, Shoppers launched its first "Beauty Clinic" store in Oakville, Ontario, allowing customers to pay for medical aesthetic treatments with PC Optimum points.

Nurse practitioners now offer cosmetic injections (like Botox), dermal fillers (often used for lip augmentation), microdermabrasion, peels and a variety of laser services at two Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Canada — all with the promise of "comfort and discretion."

"Our Shoppers Drug Mart stores offer our customers a wide range of products and services to meet their unique healthcare needs," said Shoppers merchandising VP Matthew Carr in a release announcing the dental pilot.

"This pilot with SmileDirectClub allows us to further diversify our offerings to make innovative health and oral care solutions convenient and accessible to Canadians."

Convenient maybe, but not exactly cheap: Prices start at just under $2,500 for a set of the company's clear teeth aligners.

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