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Results from student election in Canada were actually very similar to the real thing

The children are our future, but they’re not all that different from us. Over a million students participated in a nationwide mock election and ended up with the same result as the adults: a Liberal minority.

There were some key differences, though. The Liberals eked out a marginal minority with 110 seats instead of the 157 they actually won on Election Day.

Students went wild for the NDP who became the official opposition with 99 seats. The Conservatives earned a close third place with 94 seats, also winning the popular vote with 25.1 per cent.

Young folks took to the Greens far more than their parents did, electing them to 28 seats, instead of the record-high three they actually earned on Monday. This signals a serious motivation to combat climate change, which today’s youth will get the brunt of.

Kids in the Prairies were almost as googoo for blue as the adults, with the Conservatives nabbing 30 of 34 seats in Alberta, and 11 of 14 in Saskatchewan. Maybe they’re for Wexit, too.

Students in Quebec didn’t back the Bloc with the same fervour as eligible voters did. The sovereignty party picked up nine seats, which pales in comparison to the 32 they secured in the real election.

Independent MP Jody Wilson-Raybould didn’t get the youth vote in her Vancouver Granville riding, which the NDP won in the mock election.

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Lauren Nickel

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