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Terrifying viral video shows Canadian window washer falling from swing

Today in life lessons from people who learned the hard way: Don't wash windows during a severe wind storm.

Video footage shot in Edmonton on Friday, not long after Environment Canada had issued a weather advisory, shows a window washing apparatus being tossed around like a ragdoll against a skyscraper.

Two people can be seen on the rig as it blows violently about in gusts of up to 100 km/h. At one point, after a healthy smash against Edmonton's Stantec Tower, one of the workers is knocked off the swing stage as witnesses scream in the background.

The now-viral clip has been viewed more than 1.3 million times on Twitter alone as of Monday morning, with many commenting to say they hope the fallen window washer survived.

Good news: He did, thanks in large part to the safety harness he was wearing at the time.

"They were both safe," said an Edmonton Fire Rescue spokesperson of the workers. "They were in their harnesses, which was great."

Also key in getting the men down safely were fast-acting emergency crews, who rescued both window washers with a bucket truck.

"Harsh winds blew scaffolding into Stantec Tower ,calling on the need for both a ladder truck and the technical rescue team," said fire officials on Twitter, noting that, miraculously, nobody was injured.

"Crews working on the scaffolding were secured properly and are fortunately unharmed."

With 66 floors, Edmonton's Stantec Tower is the tallest building in Canada west of Toronto. Fortunately, the window washers were only six or seven storeys off the ground, making rescue efforts a lot easier than they would have been, had the rig been mounted higher up.

One of the trapped workers actually assisted fire crews in bringing the rig back down to earth.

At least one window pane on the Stantec Tower was smashed as a result of the loose swing stage, but fire officials were able to clean up the glass before it could go flying in the wind and cause further damage.

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