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Woman caught on camera in racist rant against Shoppers Drug Mart cashiers

Video footage is going viral today of a woman in Burnaby, B.C., screaming at two Shoppers Drug Mart employees for "speaking in Chinese" while working.

The clip, which is just under two minutes long, was filmed by local resident Allen Tseng, and starts with the woman in question complaining loudly at a checkout counter with a young boy in tow.

"Shut up!" the woman yells at one of the cashiers who tries to interject. "You're rude. Speak English in Canada!"

The woman continues to berate the cashier, whom she believes to have been speaking another language, telling her to "shut up," calling her "rude" again and again, and then telling her to "go somewhere else."

Eventually, another employee comes up to the register and tells the woman that a manager in the back would like to speak with her.

"You want a manager to talk to me? You bring a manager here!" she shouts. "You bring your manager here, you idiot! Or go speak Chinese with your other staff and shit-talk me somewhere else."

The man asks her to leave, to which the woman only grows more irate, telling him to "shut up and get out of here, you idiot."

The video ends with one of the cashiers threatening to call the police. As she's walking away with the little boy, the woman once again says "fucking idiot."

The clip in question was posted publicly to Facebook on Monday and has since been viewed more than 230,000 times.

"Saw this happen today at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Kingsway/McMurray," wrote Tseng in the caption of the post. "I just want to put this lady on blast for being extremely rude and racist. And hopefully show her there's consequences to this type of behaviour."

"It's sad to see this sort of racism still in 2019 and in Greater Vancouver, BC, and Canada."

Tseng is not alone in that sentiment.

"Her attitude is typical of a white bigot who has a privileged mentality and barbaric nature," wrote one of the more than 3,500 commenters on the original Facebook post. "I blame her parents, and now she has repeated the cycle of racism to her son! This is where the hatred starts!"

"Excuse me but as far as I can remember, Canada has always been a bilingual country," wrote another. "Speak your native tongues, they all sound cool to me."

A spokesperson for Shoppers Drug Mart's owner, Loblaws, told the Vancouver Sun on Tuesday that it will be offering additional resources and support to staff as required.

"The incident that took place on Monday was unacceptable and extremely disappointing to see. It has absolutely no place in our stores," said the spokesperson.

"We believe fully in two-way respect between our employees and our customers and were appalled to see that behaviour."

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Allen Tseng

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