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This heartwarming airport reunion in Canada is brightening everyone's day

The arrival of a refugee family in the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport is warming the hearts of many as a video of their reunion with other family members circulates on Twitter. 

The video shows a man and his children coming down an escalator at the airport to be greeted by his emotional family members. 

The woman in the video is the mother of one of the new arrivals and she came to Canada as a refugee from Syria three years ago. 

Melissa Martin, a reporter from The Winnipeg Free Press, posted the video online.

"The family are friends of good friends of mine. They’re lovely, and doing well. The kids are thriving here, and no doubt their brother and his young family will do the same," Martin shared in a tweet.

People on Twitter are loving the video for its wholesomeness.

Twitter user @bjornradstrom shared another video from the airport of a different family arriving.

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