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People in Alberta are now calling for a referendum for independence from Canada

A small municipality in Southern Alberta is threatening a referendum for the province's independence from Canada if specific demands — which will separate Alberta from the rest of the country in other concerning, though less drastic ways — are not approved by the federal government.

Wheatland County councillor Jason Wilson — who is a member of the United Conservative Party of Alberta, the People’s Party of Canada and the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta — has proposed that Alberta control its own immigration, collect its own income taxes, and cease contributing to the Canada Pension Plan, among other things

Like the rest of the supporters of the recent Wexit separatist movement, Wilson is driven largely by the fact that "Alberta contributes more per person to that national economy than any other province," according to his resolution, and that the province can be thanked for 25 per cent of all of Canada's capital investment.

The resolution was passed unanimously today, and legislative bodies across the province will now be able to provide their input on the matter. If Ottawa refuses the requests, the resolution calls for a referendum on independence in October 2021.

Some citizens note, though, that the motion won't likely lead to much besides proving a point to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who has not supported the movement for his province to separate from Canada.

Ontario premier Doug Ford, somewhat of a paragon of right-wing sensibilities, said in a press conference about the Wexit movement today that he "fully understands the west" and the feeling that they are being ignored after bolstering the Canadian economy with tens of millions from Alberta's booming oil industry.

But, he worries that the separatist drama is lending Canada a reputation of "uncertainty" abroad.

Clearly, though, there is uncertainty; namely, a dramatic disparity in political ideologies and values across the country, with the almost entirely Conservative-leaning Alberta beyond displeased with Justin Trudeau's win in last month's Federal Election.

And things are only growing more heated and divisive with additional Wexit developments. 

"Like [Albertans] and their parents' hard work put the oil in the ground," one user said in response to the news from Wheatland County. "How bout this Neanderthals. Wheatland and their like separate from Canada because they have been leeching off the rest of Canada forever."

"You should be happy to set us 'Neanderthals' free," another responded. "Just imagine instantly meeting your Paris Accord targets and cementing up that permanent Liberal Majority. Utopia awaits you."

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