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There was a vicious attack in a parking lot in Canada and it was all caught on video

A group of young men were caught on video committing a violent attack against individuals and their vehicles in a parking lot in Surrey, B.C.

The video shows the group of men running toward the parking lot of a complex located in the 7000 block of 128 St. before assaulting the people in the lot and smashing their cars with golf clubs and other weapons. 

The incident has been under investigation by Surrey RCMP since it happened earlier this week, but the newly-surfaced video has caused the investigation to expand, according to a news release from Cpl. Elenore Sturko with Surrey RCMP issued today. 

This is far from the first time an incident like has occurred in this community, and Surrie Mayor Doug McCallum called the incident "repugnant." 

"There is a video circulating online that shows a group of young men fighting, many of whom are wielding metal or wooden rods and sticks as weapons, and vandalizing cars in a parking lot in the 7000 block of 128 St. area of Surrey," he said in a statement.

"I am deeply concerned that this kind of mob violence is happening with alarming frequency."

McCallum went on to cite another incident from this past summer, where a large brawl in the Strawberry Hill area was caught on video.

"This behavior is repugnant and puts the public at risk. It is imperative that RCMP take immediate and strong action to get a handle on this kind of mob violence that is occurring far too frequently in Surrey," he continued.

The Surrey RCMP investigation into this incident remains active, and one of the victims has since come forward.

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