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Calgary is now a winter wonderland as snow blankets city

While some parts of Canada are bracing themselves for their first snowfall of the season, Calgary already looks like something out of a Christmas movie. 

The city experienced a major snowfall overnight, and Global News meteorologist Jordan Witzel said approximately five centimetres of snow have accumulated so far.

Calgary is now a white winter wonderland, and the city is bright white as far as the eye can see. 

But along with the beauty of a major snowfall in a Canadian city comes icy roads and dangerous conditions. 

The Twitter account for 511 Calgary tweeted earlier today that many roads were covered in snow or ice this morning, and there was poor visibility due to fog. 

And according to the Calgary Herald, police responded to a whopping 226 car accidents between midnight on Tuesday and 4 a.m. on Wednesday, causing 19 injuries and one death.

On top of mountains of snow, the city's also been experiencing extremely frigid temperatures. 

Calgary residents awoke this morning to feel temperatures as cold as -20 C, which has turned much of the fluffy snow into cold, hard ice.

While temperatures in the city are expected to let up in the next few days, Calgary is looking at even more snow this coming weekend. 

So it looks like winter is here to stay in some parts of Canada, and it won't be long before the rest of the country is in a similar boat.

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