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Canadian meteorologist's unicorn Halloween costume just won over the internet

Who says weather forecasts can't be hilariously entertaining?

One Calgary meteorologist has gone viral for the Halloween edition of his segment, which featured a very... unique... unicorn costume.

Global News Calgary's Jordan Witzel assumed the role of Ferdinand the Mystical Meteorologist when he gave his weather report yesterday morning — which has since gone on to garner more than a million views on YouTube, making it onto the video website's trending page.

His fellow broadcasters could not stop laughing on-set, and repeated things like "Oh no," and "What is going on here?" 

Witzel's costume included silver hooves, a pink and purple wig, a rainbow tail and archetypal unicorn horn. The rest of his outfit was comprised of a set of white, body-hugging garments that left little to the imagination.

Apparently the meteorologist is no stranger to being a source of Halloween spirit — and laughs — as he has donned a spectacular costume almost every year.

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Global News Calgary

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