quebec power outage

This is what devastation looks like in Quebec after massive Halloween storm

Though Toronto bemoaned the Halloween rain and a handful of other cities even considered moving the holiday due to poor weather, no one in Canada had it as bad as part of Quebec did last night.

Montreal's official postponement of Halloween was apparently completely justified, as a giant storm ravaged it and other parts of the province, leaving almost one million residents without power.

Heavy rainfall and winds of up to 100 km/h caused flooding, tore bricks off of buildings, flipped transport trucks, stalled train lines and even lead to the death of at least one person. 

Hydro-Quebec has said that it may take days to restore power to some regions. This is the third time in the past two months that the province has had significant power disruptions due to inclement weather.

Many residents are dealing with not only loss of power, but also extensive property damage.

Here's hoping that the province is able to make a quick recovery from what proved to be a truly terrifying Halloween night.

Lead photo by

V Temchenko

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