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Man spotted doing pushups atop crane in Montreal in the snow

Forcing yourself to get to the gym in the winter can be tough. And let's be honest — no one is that worried about their bikini body when they can cover up in endless layers. 

But one Montreal man is putting us all to shame.

Not only did he work out during the snowy and cold weather, he did it on top of a crane. 

A video posted to Instagram user @itzavi.k's profile shows a man doing pushups atop a crane that appears to be hundreds of metres in the air. 

Is that a guy working out on a crane?

The Instagram user was sitting in his office when he spotted the man working out outside his window, according to media in the area, and thankfully he captured the whole thing. 

Chances are likely that the man working out was a construction worker fitting in some reps on his lunch break, and pushups weren't his only exercise of choice. 

A second video proves the man cares about his lats as much as his chest, because he proceeded to do pull ups next. 

Guy Working Out On Crane

The workout went on for about 30 minutes in total, which is pretty long, considering he did it outside in below freezing temperatures.

Good luck trying to justify not going to the gym after this one, folks.

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