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The world is watching after barge dislodges above Niagara Falls after 100 years

If you've ever visited Niagara Falls, then you've probably seen or heard of the iron scow that's been perched above the falls for over 100 years. 

The ship has been stuck in the same position in the upper Niagara River approximately 600 metres from the edge of the Horseshoe falls since August 6, 1918.

But on Halloween night, some extreme weather conditions caused the barge to shift for the first time in over a century. 

"For many years Canadians had a great view of the scow," said Jim Hill, Senior Manager of Heritage for Niagara Parks, in a video.

He said the scow has been badly deteriorating in the last couple of years.

"It appears to have sort of flipped on its side and spun around," he said. "It's not in the exact same spot it was yesterday."

He said he believes the barge has shifted about 50 metres down river from its original location, and it could remain stuck where it is now for days or even years. 

Park officials are continuing to monitor the boat.

Meanwhile, residents from all over the world seem taken with the story of the century-old boat.

Many are making the trek out to the falls to see its new positioning.

While some can't believe they'd never heard of it to begin with. 

Others are disappointed that the boat has shifted from its historic, long-lasting location.

On the night of October 31, Environment Canada reported wind gusts between 50 and 80 km for the Niagara Falls region. Winds then reached a maximum speed of 94 km/h around midnight.

The region was also hit with intense rainfall that night.

And although the ship is now closer than ever to toppling over the Falls, it's anyone's guess how long it could remain in its brand new position.

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