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The Royal Canadian Mint's new coins feature a Christmas tree and moving train

The Royal Canadian Mint just released its limited edition holiday coins, and they're about as festive as it gets. 

The new coins feature two distinct designs, both of which are as detailed as they are unique. 

The first coin was designed by Vancouver-based artist Pandora Young and features a silver platter of holiday cookies topped with a smiling gingerbread man. 

canadian mint coins

The Royal Canadian Mint's new holiday themed coined comes with a gingerbread-man.

The coin itself is made of an ounce of pure silver, while the smiling gingerbread man is made from colourful Murano glass using centuries-old techniques. 

This gives the coin a 3D appearance and ensures that each one is unique, as no two Murano pieces are exactly alike.

"An engraved festive motif captures the look of vintage tableware, like a special presentation dish reserved exclusively for the holidays," according to the Royal Canadian Mint.

The reverse of the coin includes the word "CANADA" and the year, while the obverse features Queen Elizabeth II. 

There are only 5,500 available coins with this particular design, and they're selling for $139.95.

The second design is so intricate and original, it's no wonder it's already sold-out.

The Christmas Train coin was designed by Anna Bucciarelli, and the Royal Canadian Mint is calling it "a holiday 'toy' for grownups."

It features a sterling silver Christmas tree rising straight out of the middle of the coin, as well as a sterling silver train that moves along the tracks when you tilt it.

canadian mint coins

This new coin from the Royal Canadian Mint features a Christmas tree and train.

The coin is made from 5 oz. of silver and a mix of engraved and selectively gold-plated details. 

Only 1,000 of these babies were available worldwide, which explains why the $579.95 coin sold out so quickly.

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