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The fastest growing group of cannabis users in Canada is apparently seniors

According to Statistics Canada's National Cannabis Survey, seniors are the fastest growing cannabis users in the country. 

Turns out, your parents and grandparents might be enjoying a new way to unwind since October of last year when cannabis became legal. 

The National Cannabis Survey aims to monitor cannabis consumption post-legalization, and Statistics Canada has been conducting the survey every three months since legalization. 

The report released earlier this week determined that, while Canadians 65 years of age and older are less likely to be user of cannabis, old folks seem to be warming up to using it for different reasons. 

According to the report, "Cannabis consumption among seniors has been accelerating at a much faster pace than it has among other age groups."

Comparing data from 2012, about 40,000 seniors reported using cannabis — in 2019 that has jumped to more than 400,000. 

Still, seniors are less likely to be daily users and when asked, more than 52 percent of seniors responded they use it mostly for medical reasons. To compare this to younger crowds, "Youth aged 15 to 24 reported using cannabis exclusively for non-medical reasons."

The report concluded that generally, while national rates of cannabis use have remained steady since legalization, usage has gone up slightly for all across the country. 

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