halifax snow storm

A snow storm is wreaking complete havoc in Halifax

People in Nova Scotia are dealing with a particularly terrible snowstorm that is wreaking havoc throughout the province, causing widespread power outages, airport runway closures, and scary road conditions. 

The snow is due to back-to-back winter storms making their way over throughout the Atlantic region, bringing precipitation that's turned to wet heavy snow which has now blanketed Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Environment Canada released a special weather statement about yesterdays's snowfall, which predicted up to 10 centimetres of snow in inland areas and over higher terrain. 

A snow squall warning was issued for part of the region early Friday morning by Environment Canada. 

Over 25,000 people lost power yesterday as a result of the storm, according to Nova Scotia Power. As of Friday morning, over 7,000 people are still without power throughout the province.

Many vehicles had reportedly spun off the road near the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

RCMP issued a warning early in the day on Thursday, writing, "Weather is impacting road conditions across the province. Roads may be slippery or wet so please adjust your speeds and drive carefully.

The conditions were textbook definition of a whiteout. One Twitter user posted a video showing that windshield wipers even had a hard time keeping up with the wet snow.

In some areas, traffic lights stopped working, making things even more treacherous for drivers.

Snow plows even had a hard time getting around. One reportedly spun out in Fall River.

Weather like this usually comes later in the year, so it's no surprise that some people just simply weren't prepared for it.

One Twitter user wrote that the storm serves as a lesson to have an emergency kit for the car, equipped with blankets, water, and a flashlight. 

After all, this is only the start of the most snowy time of the year. 

Hopefully the people of Nova Scotia will be able to dig themselves out over the weekend, weather permitting. So far Environment Canada is predicting more flurries across Nova Scotia on Friday, with a mix of sun and cloud on the weekend.

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