canada truck arrest

Someone was arrested in Canada for driving a truck with no wheels

A semi-truck driver forgot a few major things when he took to the roads on the outskirts of Saskatoon last weekend: his wheels. 

Local police tweeted about a very unconventional call they responded to just outside of the Saskatchewan city on Sunday night. Officers arrived to find an 18 wheeler that was missing the wheels on its rear portion.

The trucks are meant to have a total of 10 wheels on their tractor and an additional eight wheels on the trailer they're pulling.

According to the CBC, this particular truck driver started his journey a few hours south in Regina, but was apparently missing four wheels before he even left.

He slowly lost the remaining wheels and continued on dragging the trailer along the road for some time.

The odd tractor-trailer tire explosion is nothing new, but a tractor-trailer driving without entire wheels just might be.

Wheels and a full axle were found in a ditch nearby. Despite the incident, Corman Park Police say all of the highways the wheel-less vehicle scraped across seem to be in okay shape.

The driver has been charged by local and provincial authorities with operating with a major defect, unlawfully operating a vehicle without a valid Safety Inspection Service certificate, and an unrelated charge of displaying an unauthorized license plate. 

Lead photo by

Corman Park Police

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