stolen firetruck winnipeg

Someone stole a firetruck in Winnipeg and the videos are wild

The driver of a stolen fire truck has been taken into custody after a wild police chase around Winnipeg earlier today, according to CTV News. 

Police told CTV the theft was initially reported in the area of Henderson Highway and Bronx Avenue.

According to Global News, the driver crashed into another vehicle, knocked over a hydro pole and then headed for downtown while being chased by police and firefighters. 

Police spokesperson Rob Carver told Global the driver turned onto the grass of a downtown park at one point, indicating that he likely intended to hit pedestrians. 

Thankfully, no one was hit. 

In an attempt to stop the carjacker, police used two spike belts to deflate the truck's tires. But in true Grand Theft Auto fashion, the driver continued on nonetheless. 

Police eventually caught up to the driver when the truck broke down, and officers had to use Tasers in order to take him into custody.

Winnipeg residents who witnessed the police chase quickly took the social media to recount what they saw.

The stolen fire truck underwent some fairly serious damage according to one witness. 

And another even saw the truck hit the other vehicle before driving off. 

One social media user said he actually saw the vehicle crash into a bollard.

In his interview with Global, Carver emphasized how lucky it is that no one was hurt during this high-risk incident. 

"I just can’t under estimate the threat that this would have been," he said.

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