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A strange howl was recorded by a hunter in Canada and it's totally spooky

A video of some ultra-creepy howling sounds emerging from the middle of the Canadian wilderness has been making its rounds on social media this week.

A family was out on a hunting trip in the forests of Northwestern Ontario when they heard some unsettling cries coming from off in the distance. They didn't sound like the vocalizations of any animal they knew of.

Father, outdoorsman and experienced hunter Gino Meekis was smart enough to take his phone out to record the echoing screams, which some are citing as further evidence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

In the video, which was taken near Sioux Lookout, the family's youngest member and dog can be heard responding nervously to the sounds before the group decides to take cover in their car and head back to civilization.

Was the mysterious cry from a struggling moose? The Blair Witch? Chewbacca? Or was it really a sasquatch? We'll probably never know.

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Brendan Church

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