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Lead levels in some Canadian tap water said to be as high as Flint

When we think of water issues in Canada, problems in Indigenous communities often come to mind.

But a recent investigation done by journalists at multiple outlets reveals that the tap water in several Canadian cities is contaminated with lead.

The investigation included 260 water tests across the country, and 39 per cent of samples exceeded federal guidelines.

Exposure to lead can have seriously detrimental effects. It can lead to developmental delays and learning difficulties in children, and can even cause miscarriages for pregnant women.

Poor infrastructure is one of the factors that caused the problem. Some pipes and plumbing fixtures are made of lead, and as they deteriorate, they can corrode and enter the water supply.

While cities like Flint, MI, in the U.S. have received significant attention for issues with its drinking water, the investigation concluded that the problem could actually be worse in some Canadian cities.

In Montreal, Mayor Valerie Plante told Global News that the city would spend over $500 million to remove public lead pipes.

Drinking water standards differ by province, and Ontario is the only province that enforces water treatment in its municipalities.

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