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Vancouver finally admits that fireworks on Halloween never should have been a thing

Those of you that love Vancouver's Halloween fireworks tradition are going to want to take advantage next October, because it'll be your last year to do so. 

After a Halloween night filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damages and terrified pets, the city has voted to ban consumer fireworks by Halloween 2021.

Residents of the city have a longstanding tradition of lighting fireworks on the night of October 31, and many are angry that it will be no more.

According to City News, Vancouver’s fire department openly supported the proposed fireworks ban after one night ended with $360,000 worth of damages and two young people injured.

Yesterday, Vancouver's city council officially passed the ban with a vote of seven to three. 

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart voted against the ban, saying when he thinks of fireworks he thinks of fun.

Many are speaking out in favour of the ban, saying a fun tradition isn't worth the damages it causes. 

And many are also saying it's a move that rightfully protects pets, wildlife and the environment. 

But others aren't quite so pleased. 

Many are saying the ban further contributes to Vancouver's "no fun" reputation.

And some residents think it's unfair to try and suppress one of the city's oldest traditions.

Some are even saying the ban won't work, and that residents will continue with the tradition regardless. 

But either way, Halloween 2020 will be the last year to legally light up the sky in Vancouver.

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