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The Weather Network forecast is predicting a harsh winter for much of Canada

The Weather Network winter forecast is calling for more of the cold and snowy weather that's taken much of Canada by storm this fall.

This November weather seems to only be a tease of what's to come, because The Weather Network says "much of Canada is in for a harsh winter."

In a post on their website, Meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham says near normal or colder-than-normal temperatures are expected to hit most of the country this winter.

And while he says most of us are in for some unpleasantly cold temperatures fairly soon, the only place that will "tip to the mild side of normal" are those near the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines.

According to Gillham, the Great Lakes and Atlantic Canada are expected to see the most precipitation and snowfall in the country, while the driest weather is expected for the south coast of B.C.

Those of you out in B.C. should count yourselves lucky, because Gillham says "a mild winter is expected along the B.C. coast and across much of northern B.C."

Meanwhile, those located in northeastern B.C. to the southern interior can expect near normal temperatures, and the north coast region will receive above average amounts of rainfall and alpine snow. 

Gillham also says skiers can remain optimistic despite the forecast for fairly dry weather, because "the periods of active weather should coincide with the periods of cooler weather, allowing ski areas to pick-up substantial snowfall at times."

As for those of you in The Prairies, prepare for some seriously cold weather ahead.

"A long and frigid winter is expected, with the most consistent cold weather across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Alberta will be more changeable with periods of mild weather at times, which could come close to offsetting the bouts of severe cold," Gillham says.

Ontario and Quebec can expect similar weather to what we've seen for most of November, meaning a long, cold and snowy winter is in store. 

And while this may just seem like one meteorologist's opinion, other Canadian winter forecasts have predicted similarly frigid and snowy weather for the upcoming season. 

Looking ahead to spring, Gillham says water levels on the Great Lakes could be a concern as levels are already quite a bit above normal. If this region is hit with a lot of snow throughout the winter, major flooding is a possibility come springtime. 

Meanwhile, Gillham says Quebec definitely shouldn't expect an early spring, while Atlantic Canada can expect an abundance of winter weather right up until the end of the season. 

"Looking ahead to March, it looks like winter will hold on with a rather sluggish start to the spring season from the central Prairies to Atlantic Canada," Gillham says. 

"Residents of British Columbia are typically the first to see the arrival of spring conditions and this year should bring an especially strong start to the season during March."

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